Disabledteens is a discussion list owned by creator of this site. It is geared toward teenagers 13-19 with and without disabilities. Those wishing to subscribe must be interested in discussing sexuality and the issues surrounding having a disability. It is very importat that we welcome non-disabled teens in an effort to break down barriers which have long existed between those of us with disabilities and those of us without them. The list is meant to be a place for learning and sharing. It is for discovering common ground while offering a safe and supportive place where disabled teens can speak their minds and voice their fears and hopes.

Most mailing lists dealing with the issues of disabled teens are geared toward parents and are thus not really about the issues that disabled teens face. Furthermore, disabled teens very rarely find spaces in which they can discuss issues of sexuality, be it because of overprotective families, doctors, or doubting friends. This is the reason that this list has now come into being. It is okay to talk about these things, because they are nothing but natural feelings and issues which are not going to go away just because people say they should not be talked about. This list is intended to provide a forum to discuss those and other issues which may be deemed “taboo” for disabled teens.

This list will always be supportive, which means that abusers and flamers will be dealt with, and that freedom of speech will always be upheld. It is meant to act as a support system, which means that you can ask or talk about anything that is currently on your mind.

Beginning 12/16/01:
Include: Your name, your age, your disability (if applicable, and your reason for interest in the list As soon as this info is received, you will be added to the list by the moderator, and not before. I’m not asking for a novel here. Just something to let me know who you are. Thanks. 🙂 After being subscribed, you will see your introduction posted to the list, and you can send e-mail to the list with the adress disabledteens@gimpsex.org. This list is not archived, and info posted is 100% confidential and “stays in the room” among list members.