The escorting site eBackPage is a major advertising vehicle for many sex workers. It has been estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of ads posted on the website every year, with the number increasing as more women enter the sex trade. Although it was originally designed to be used by escorts and other sex workers in order to find clients (in much the same way as craigslist), it has now become an important advertising tool for strip clubs, massage parlors, escort agencies, and others involved in the sex industry. The site is promoting sexual education and safe sex practices.

eBackPage’s Commitment To Safe Sex

The eBackPage website has several features that promote safer sex practices among their users. One such feature involves an online seminar entitled “Sex Safety: How to Protect Yourself.” This three-page document includes advice about how to use condoms and other types of protection during sex, and provides links to additional information on various topics.

Some of these include the effects of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDS; tips on how to negotiate safe sex when using a new partner; ways to prevent or treat STIs; and suggestions for safe sex practices at various stages of a relationship. There is also a quiz for readers who want to test their knowledge about safe sex.

Another feature encourages user participation in creating and sharing content related to safe sex. On its blog page, eBackPage regularly posts stories submitted by users about their own experiences with safe sex practices. These accounts cover everything from using the correct condom size to the importance of asking your partner if he or she has ever tested positive for an STI before engaging in sexual activity. In addition to encouraging users to share their personal stories, they also provide useful information on how to make sure you’re practicing safe sex.

Safe sex promotion through eBackPage is not limited to the website itself. Many of the ads placed by escorts on the site also contain information about safe sex practices. For example, one ad states:

“I am looking forward to meeting someone nice. I am clean and have been tested. Please be the same. If you are interested, please email me at the address provided.”

Many escorts place this type of message on their ads because it makes them feel more comfortable knowing that prospective clients will know about their safe sex practices. According to a former eBackPage employee:

 It’s become so important, especially with the economy where it is now, that they can advertise that they do practice safe sex… A lot of girls like to put in their ads ‘safe sex only’ because they don’t want anybody to think they’re going to fuck around with them without protection and potentially give them an STD. They’re really serious about doing that, and it’s become very big and something that they all agree on.

Free Condoms & Contraceptives

A few years ago, eBackPage started offering free condoms to users who post ads on the site. This was done in response to concerns over the spread of STIs, particularly HIV/AIDS. As part of the company’s commitment to safe sex promotion, employees and volunteers hand out hundreds of free condoms per week. In addition, eBackPage gives away thousands of condoms each month to sex workers at various events held throughout Los Angeles.

In addition to providing condoms, eBackPage also offers free contraceptives and other health products to its users. The company has partnered with several organizations, including Planned Parenthood, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and the LA LGBT Center. Together, these groups distribute birth control and other reproductive health products to sex workers.

These efforts have had a major impact on the number of people who participate in eBackPage’s educational programs. Since beginning this initiative, the number of sex workers participating in eBackPage’s safe sex seminars has increased significantly. In fact, research conducted by a team of UCLA researchers found that the number of women attending workshops sponsored by eBackPage rose from 20% to 40%.


eBackPage’s safe sex promotion campaign is having an enormous effect on the lives of sex workers in Los Angeles. In addition to reducing the risk of contracting STIs, the company’s educational materials are helping to reduce the stigma associated with being a sex worker. This is especially true among young female sex workers who are trying to come to terms with their sexuality. By making the benefits of safe sex more widely known, eBackPage is also helping to lower the spread of STIs and HIV/AIDS, which are still prevalent among many sex workers.