Fuzzy Intro

What’s up GimpSex Friends,

I would like to introduce myself. I go by the pseudonym ‘fuzzycircle’ and I hope to have a monthly column here on GimpSex.org. What a name for a web site, I do have to admit! You may be wondering why I am called ‘fuzzycircle?’ You’ll have to leave that to your imagination!

Within the last week I came across GimpSex.org through a search on Yahoo. Every two or three weeks I try to find the latest www links on disability and sexuality. Because there seems to be an extreme lack of content devoted to this topic, I usually find myself ending up at the same old boring outdated links that are scarce with content. Not this time however. Finally, I have come across a web site that will be a launching pad for the disabled community to talk about sexuality.

Granted there are already sites that touch on the topic of disabled sexuality, but this site seems to be unique to the others. This site is powered by individuals who are promoting healthy sexual living by sharing their stories and ideas with the world. A world that is misunderstood to the status quo concerning disability and sexuality.

I was pleased to find out that Gimpsex.org was founded by a woman who had the pride and determination to expose such a widely misunderstood taboo subject. She like many others are fed up with the problems and stereotypes disabled people face when it comes to sexuality. I have enthusiastic confidence that GimpSex.org will have a tremendous influence on breaking the mold from old, disturbing, biased views of sexuality & disability, to current, modern, relative ideas of what sexuality REALLY is.

I do not believe I’m an expert on sex but my experiences dealing with my own problems in the past, has given me greater insight and interest on this broad topic. We need a place to express ourselves?..what a better place than here?.what a better time than now! Sexuality is a key part of life, let’s treat it that way. If you have an opinion on disabled sexuality I would strongly encourage you to express your views on this platform.

I can guarantee you there are hundreds of people who share the same feelings as you. Just imagine the positive influence you can have on others in the same boat. If you’re a little shy, it’s possible to remain completely anonymous, that’s the beauty of the Internet.

Through my views I hope to shed some light on problems and solutions concerning disability and sexuality. I hope to help promote a greater sense of self-indepence for people who visit GimpSex. I would also like to add that the views possessed by myself are neither correct nor incorrect, but just merely exist. Individuals themselves can only determine what is best for them.

My column will include a lot on the reflection of experience. I’m eager to learn what others can teach me. Nothing in life is guaranteed but there is one thing I’m sure of. I’m a disabled male in his mid 20’s who longs for sex and is extremely horny. What else did you expect, I’m only human.

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